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Important Update (November 12th, 2018) – Bad news everyone. Pagez has had its access to the Instant Articles Platform blocked/revoked. Luke (Pagez owner) filed an appeal but this was shot down and there is a 90-day stand down before another appeal can be filed. So basically there is no point in using Pagez until a successful appeal can be made – and to be honest there is a high chance that it is “game over” for Pagez as Facebook are notoriously unreasonable and difficult to deal with. The cause of this problem is probably due to certain users sharing copyright content, or the proliferation of low quality articles/content on the platform. I’ll update as news comes through. 

Pagez is now available to join! Go here to sign up and get started. You can even earn $$$ by sharing other people’s content using the “Discover” tool. Review will be updated ASAP!

As any reader of this site will have discerned fairly quickly, I’m a huge fan of the Internet marketing products made by a guy called Luke Kling.

Luke is a known name in the affiliate business, having been the affiliate manager for a company called Peerfly for a number of years. He also blogs semi-regularly at

FPTraffic is probably Luke’s biggest product. It’s hands-down one of my favourite applications for affiliate and Internet marketing, and using FPTraffic makes it simple to build, grow and manage viral Facebook pages (and make money from them).

Recently Luke reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in having a go with his latest product – actually still in development – called Pagez.

What Is Pagez?

Have you heard of Facebook Instant Articles? Basically, this is Facebook’s own system for making reading articles and content (that you have clicked on from the timeline on your Facebook mobile app) easier, faster and better.

When you click on a normal article link on Facebook – whether from your mobile app, or desktop – you are taken to a browser tab that navigates to that site.

Facebook Instant Articles is different. On supported mobile devices (and on the official Facebook mobile app) it effectively loads the article within the Facebook app using a pre-selected styling.

Normally, setting up Instant Articles requires a bit of configuration work between your website and Facebook, as well as setting up of Audience Network ads for monetization. I’m not going to bore you with the technical details at this stage, suffice it to say that it can be a hassle to set up.

Pagez is being developed as a solution to this problem. Instead of having to get approval and configuration between your website and Facebook, as well as set up templating and monetization, you just:

  • Join Pagez
  • Set up your monetization settings (with help provided)
  • Publish content
  • Share it to your Facebook pages

The whole point of Pagez is to speed up the process of creating and monetizing with Facebook Instant Articles and viral content by acting as an intermediary “publishing platform”.

What Does This Mean For Me?

If you’re in to building up Facebook pages and monetizing them through content and display-type ads, such as Adsense, then Facebook Instant Articles has a lot of potential.

Early impressions seem to be that Instant Articles get more clicks, better engagement, and more shares than “conventional” content.

With Pagez you are able to get in on this potential goldmine much faster and easier.

Of course there are limitations, such as:

  • Your content is published on a platform over which you have little control
  • Less template options
  • Pagez takes a revenue cut

But the flip side of the coin is that it is super fast to get set up and start monetizing. I made my first $10, reusing old articles from one of my viral media sites, with no more than 5 minutes work once I had set up my Pagez account.

When Will Pagez Be Available To The Public?

Pagez is now available for anyone to join. Membership is free, so go here to join now. Even if you don’t yet have much of a Facebook audience, it’s well worth joining ASAP so that you can get a feel for how the platform works. You’ll also get membership to the Pagez private Facebook group, where there are some really clever people sharing their case studies, strategies, and some frankly incredible earnings screenshots.

Pagez Review
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Pagez is a superb tool for anyone who wants to make money with Facebook pages that have active and engaged followings. Using Pagez makes the process of monetizing a fan page/group with Facebook Instant Articles easier than it ever has been. The recently-released Discover tool also allows you to earn through the promotion of other people's content, which is an excellent idea.



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