All-In-One WP Migration Review

All-In-One WP Migration Review

Have you ever had to move a WordPress website from one host to another? Although you can always do it just by the traditional method of exporting the content via FTP, and then backing up the database through Phpmyadmin, this is annoying to do and could be tricky for a beginner.

There are lots of different tutorials out there, but they often provide slightly different instructions or ones that are outdated. Furthermore, if you are using a less-than-common host, then it can be tricky to find instructions that closely match what you see at each step of the process. Not fun at all!

Don’t you wish you could just export a single file of your site on its existing hosting, and then upload that to your new hosting instead?

With  a nifty little WordPress plugin called All-In- One WP Migration you can do just that.

This is a really short review, but hopefully you’ll get the idea:

What Is All-In-One WP Migration?

Basically, it’s a plugin for migration a WordPress website. You can use it for backing your site up, although the real intended purpose is for moving your site from one host to another. You might be changing host due to performance issues, price, or any other factor.

This will be relevant to you if you a looking at migrating from say Hostgator to Bluehost. It can be used whether or not you are changing domain name as well.

Is It Free?

Yes, All-In- One WP Migration is free up until a file size of 512mb. That means that if your website is larger than 512mb, then you will need to spring for the premium edition. This requires purchasing the Unlimited Extension from the developer, Servmask. The good news is that you can use this on unlimited websites, and get premium support.

This costs $59 USD and can be paid via Paypal or with Bitcoin, which is cool.

You can also purchase other upgrades that allow you to things like backup and import from a URL or FTP.

How Do You Use It?

This is SO simple you just won’t believe it. The first step is to install the free plugin. Just go to the WP plugin search and look for the following:

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 4.59.03 pm

Now install it like you would any other plugin.

Once it’s installed you need to click here from your WP sidebar and choose Export:

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 5.00.38 pm

This will load up the export options panel where you can actually create the image of your site to be exported:

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 5.00.49 pm

Now there are advanced options available if you want to use them. For example, you can choose not to migrate things like spam comments. This can be helpful to cut down on wasted space (especially if you are just over 512mb in backup size which would require you to purchase the unlimited subscription for the plugin).Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 5.00.56 pm

My advice is that if you don’t know what the advanced options do, then don’t touch them.

You can also pick some different places to export to. I just chose File, which generates a file that downloads to your computer. Most of the other options (e.g. export to Onedrive) require you to purchase an additional upgrade to the plugin:

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 5.01.06 pm

Once it has done its magic and exported your  site file (using a custom file extension called .wpress if I recall correctly) you are ready to import your site to its new hosting.

All you need to do is install the plugin on a clean WordPress install and then choose import:

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 5.01.15 pm

Remember that if your exported file was over 512mb, then you’ll need an additional upgrade that costs $59 USD.

Once you’ve selected your file to import you just sit back and let the plugin run.

When everything is ported over successfully you will get a popup message telling you to save your permalinks twice. I’m not sure exactly why this is necessary, but for whatever reason it is important to ensure that your site migrates in a working fashion.

After that process is complete, you will log back in to your “old” site on its “new” hosting. And that means JOB DONE … YOUR SITE IS NOW MIGRATED.


Is All-In- One WP Migration worth installing?

Heck yes.

This is one of the best tools I have EVER used in my entire online marketing career. If you’re running a WordPress-based website and want the ability to easily move your site to a new host, then it’s well worth giving All-In-One WP Migration a try.

It took me under 30 minutes to completely migrate a WordPress site – and with just about no hassle whatsoever. I didn’t even have to have my passwords changed! How awesome is that?

The free tier is really good; all you miss out on is the ability to migrate sites larger than 512mb (if you’re building smaller affiliate-type sites, then you’ll probably not be exceeding 512mb anyway). The site I moved was over 1Gb so I had to pay for premium access. $59 to say goodbye to hassle is a small price to pay, in my opinion.

The unlimited option would be KILLER if you were selling websites through a platform like Flippa. You could easily migrate the site from your hosting to the new owner’s with almost zero hassle and fuss. What a dream.

If you’re using WordPress and need to change your hosting for whatever reason, then go and get All-In-One WP Migration right now.

All-In-One WP Migration Review
  • Value For Money
  • Ease Of Use
  • Support


If you've got a WordPress website and want to back it up, then All-In-One WP Migration is a great way to get it sorted. It's also a very convenient way of migrating your site to another host.


35 thoughts on “All-In-One WP Migration Review”

  1. This product is extremley slow and also does not transfer all the data correctly. It’s horrible! DO NOT BUY! Save your time and your money and do a manual WordPress migration.

    • Hi Liz,

      Thanks for your comment. Can you go in to a little more detail about what you didn’t like about this product and how it failed to transfer the data? I’ve found it really great to work with, but I also don’t doubt your experiences either!

    • Nonsense. You must have something wrong. Check your configuration. AIOM makes migrating a site as easy as clicking a couple of buttons. It’s brilliant. Just because your inept at something doesn’t mean you should go blaming everyone else. The plugin is the single best migration plugin available and makes a painful job as easy as brewing tea. Get on the program, Liz.

  2. I have no words that I can use in public to describe the childish and immoral behavior of -All in One Migration-.

  3. I downloaded this widget and it didn’t work. Tried contacting the company but you can only email them. Refuse to refund me. Be very careful when dealing with this service – doesn’t work and no customer service and they wont refund me or answer my emails!

    • Hi Ian, sorry to hear about your poor experience with AIO WP Migration. I must admit that is has been quite some time since I dealt with their team, so maybe standards have slipped.

      Did you purchase with a credit card? If so, I would consider informing their support that you intend to file a chargeback request. That usually gets retailers moving!

      Sam Frost

  4. I’ve started to notice a trend among the comments on this article that a lot of people seem dissatisfied with AIO WP Migration. I’ve certainly found it easy for moving sites, but I’ve never had to deal with customer support, refunds or anything like that.

    I’m keen for people to comment and let me know more about the issues they’ve faced.

    • I am here and open to discuss every case of every user who posted a negative review and to explain why they were not granted a refund (if that’s the case why they are unsatisfied). We are not perfect, we learn every day.
      I noticed that when you made the review of the plugin, it had 100,000 active users. Today we are at 1.2M active users – 12 times more.

  5. I used it today for the first time. It worked perfectly and saved me so much hassle. Thanks. In fact i dont usually make comments but it was so good i felt i had too, and it was free.

  6. The negative comments are from users whom we’ve declined refunds. Our refund policy states no refunds after downloading the product. It is a standard policy for intangible goods.

    I noticed that users who ask for refunds ignore privacy policies, refund policies, and terms and conditions of websites and products, then blame companies for being wrong.

    About our support, these are our stats for the last 30 days, and you can decide for yourself if they are good or bad:
    First reply time average is 2h 45m (industry average is 26h)
    97% customer satisfaction
    2 unsatisfied customers
    – The first user did not respond with the reason why they were dissatisfied
    – The second user had to pay for business use of the plugin, they have a hosting company and want to use our B2 extension to backup every customer site. The license that we have is for personal, non-business use so when they found out that they had to pay for business use they left a bad review and did not purchase the extended license. They went on every site they can find and posted negative reviews about the plugin.

    • Hi Yani,

      Thanks for taking the time to write in and give your side of the story – it’s greatly appreciated.

      My feedback here would be that maybe you should reconsider the policy of not allowing refunds after the product has been downloaded. Is there instead some way you could build licence key validation in so that if someone refunds their version of the plugin becomes useless?

      I totally get the logic behind not allowing downloads of an intangible product. However, it’s also important to recognize that people need to get the opportunity to fully test a product for themselves before making up their minds. This means testing the full version and not just a demo.

      I think it’s also fair to say that most people are fairly ignorant of terms and conditions. Chances are they have just purchased and not read them (or skimmed through them). That’s not a comment on the validity of your Ts and Cs – just the fact that the average consumer is probably paying close to zero attention to them (and to the Ts and Cs of just about anything else they buy).

      For the sake of keeping customers happy, I believe you would have a much easier time of it if you switched to a more “liberal” refund policy.

      I think your plugin is great. I’ve never had an issue with it. In fact, it has bailed me out of trouble on a couple of occasions and I actively recommend it to people both online and offline.

      However, I can also see where customers might be frustrated. I’m a firm believer that “the customer is always right, even when he’s wrong”.

      • The refund policy has been a 4-year journey for us.
        I wrote a post about it here:
        Unfortunately, friendly-fraud is at extreme rates when it comes to WordPress.

        The refund policy is in very good condition. Takes 30 seconds to read and is simple and clear.
        It has this important text in it “That said, we’re human and we’d like to you be happy with your purchase. So, we always reserve the right to refund … but it remains in our sole discretion.”. I could build on it but going back will be a mistake for us at this point.

        Thank you for your suggestions 👍

  7. I have read through your article and i was satisfied of the good information that you have contributed in your article! Thanks a lot for that beneficial article!

  8. I’m afraid the fraud here is on the part of ServMask. I’m another victim of their policy – I was researching different solutions and I came across theirs along with several others. While doing my research I accidentally hit purchase for this product. I immediately wrote in and requested a refund, they refused, I asked paypal, they also refused. SO finally I said – screw it – It’s more than I wanted to spend but I’ll use it.

    But I can’t because they blocked my license. So yes, get this. I decided to pay for and use the product and I cannot now because they blocked me from using it – to punish me for -asking- for a refund which they refused.

    This is basically illegal, and it’s not a breach of term for any product or any consumer to ASK for a refund. It was refused, fine. I swallowed the cost and tried using the platform but now I can’t. This is the worst run company I’ve ever seen and I advise anyone looking for a solution to run far and fast from these scam artists.

    • Hi Adam, I’m sorry to hear of your poor experience with All-In-One WP Migration. It certainly seems that there are a number of complaints.

      As I said to the product owner, in this day and age of digital products you really cannot expect that a user not be able to return a product that has already been installed/downloaded. It’s just a cost of doing business.

      Your experience sounds totally unacceptable. Have you tried issuing a charge back via your credit card provider? That would be my recommendation.

      Let me know.


  9. All in one Migration with ServMask has been the easiest and fastest way I have ever used for backup and migrations in 10 years. Used others over the years and did actually pay for a lifetime: ‘ UpdraftPlus’, they were so complicated I hardly ever took backups, nor could i succeed most times. When i did succeed at storing data I could not use it data when I needed it. So complicated, unreliable and very upsetting. Completely unlike All in one Migration with ServMask which I really like. Great peace of mind.
    Last year I migrated 4 sites from one Web Host to another with All In One Migration with absolutely no trouble in very fast time. Yes I have bought 3 Extensions. Very happy about.
    They continue to do updates regularly to improve all.
    All in one Migration with ServMask has been great, and the customer service on the times that I needed them was great and speedy.
    Reading thru these reviews i wonder if some competitive software has put the hit on them to trash them because of their rapid growth. Rapid because on most all other review sites they get good reviews and rightly so.
    If you have ever bought software online you know how refund policies work! They should also have used the free version first before buying, most prudent buyers would.
    If anything as a buyer i wish they would start doing a yearly subscription at some point. Their pricing for a great lifetime backup and migration solution is very inexpensive compared to all others.

    • Hi Brian,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave such a detailed and insightful comment on this humble little blog – I greatly appreciate it.

      It’s fascinating to see how one product is causing so much division/strong opinions. Everything seems to stem from the refund policy.

      My personal experience with AIO WP Migration aligns with yours, in terms of how easy it has been to use it to migrate websites. However, I can see quite a clear theme in terms of people complaining about the refund policy as well.

      I think it’s a good product in terms of what it does at a functional level. But – as always – “caveat emptor”.

  10. I just finished migrating my site from one host to another and was happy with AIO Migration. It was recommended by my primary hosting company who told me it was easy to use and that a lot of their customers have had great things to say. I had to purchase the full version as my backup was well over 2 gig, but that was money well spent. Right now my site has fully transitioned over and is functional. I do understand that there are some dissatisfied customers but that’s the cost of doing business. Most of the people who found this plug-in useful don’t spend time writing reviews, I did because I felt it was important to share my positive experience.

    Thank you to the developers for making a solid product that works. It saved me time and money. I’d gladly recommend this plug-in to anyone looking to migrate their website.

    • Thanks for your comment Paul. To be honest, my experience with AIO WP Migration was very similar – it has helped me on several occasions to quickly and easily migrate a site.

      I think most of the complaints seem to relate not to the functionality of the product but the business practices re: refunds. If you don’t need to refund, then it is a solid product in my opinion.

  11. I will not recommend this product to any one. After paying $69 in order to import a bigger file to restore my website the file keeps pausing at 60.69% and then fails.

    After bringing this to their support teams attention the are unhelpful and unwilling to assist, refuses to provide a refund, dont ask for information to try and assist in any way.

    They are now ignoring my a\emails as they cannot explain what I paid for as this product clearly does not what it is intended to do. What a scam.

  12. Took my money but also suspended my license!

    To perform a PHP upgrade test, I wanted to move a website to a new server. I purchased USD 69,- license for this under personal use. While at checkout the option came “do you want invoice”. I checked it. November 2019.

    Than approx 5-7 days later came an email “we will chance your license to business use: USD 69,- + USD 29,- per month”. Turns out this is because I checked “INVOICE”.

    Same day I replied that I do not want subscription, so please CANCEL & REFUND.
    Reply was “I am revoking your license”. Refund did not happen.
    Emailed again. Did not get any reply, after the third email this March, i get “We do not refund Business License”

    I NEVER choose Business License, other than checking “invoice”. Dont give me an option for an invoice under personal license option. This feels like CHEATING.

    So, now I have PAID USD69,- and have no license.

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